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Sustainable and ethical are words that often get used but we think their meanings are sometimes lost or not fully understood by everyone.



  1. aware of and responding to one's surroundings.

  2. having knowledge of something.

This is how we're keeping it conscious.



Our suits are made from an ultra chlorine-resistant techno techno techno fabric.  Not only is it perfect for long lasting performance swimwear the regenerated nylon (ECONYL®) is made from rescued waste that would otherwise pollute our Earth and Oceans.

Jammer Prod.jpg


We wanted the whole production process to be local and we have absolutely nailed it! Not only is our factory local we can walk there so no need for additional courier emissions.

We are proud to say our factory:

  • Have a zero waste approach to production

  • Exceed in industry requirements with higher wages and world-class working conditions

  • Only collaborates with ethical suppliers

  • Focuses on quality and building pieces which last

  • Uses biodegradable and eco friendly packaging

  • Exclusively uses carbon neutral shipping

  • Has energy saving motors on all equipment

  • Are Sedex members and SMETA certified


Anything that makes up the swimsuit that isn't the fabric is classed as a trim.  We only work with trim suppliers who follow our conscious approach to their sourcing, lifecycle and production of their trims.

We are pleased to say the below trims on our suits are also both recycled and recyclable (the double whammy):

  • One Piece Zip

  • Jammers waistband cord

  • Jammers waistband elastic



All our suits are packaged in a COOTS towelling wet bag that you can put your suit in before and after a swim.  Each bag is made from:

  • Eco-friendly super soft bamboo towelling

  • Drawstring made from the off cuts left from our suit production

We make each bag (including the embroidery) at COOTS HQ which means we can make to order - we looked at a LOT of packaging options but we did not want to buy 100,000 boxes when we are only producing small quantities.

We also wanted our packaging to be useful! A box might look nice but it is likely to be thrown away after which goes against our waste is whack ethos.


All embroidery on the suits is done in house at COOTS HQ.

Embroidering on stretch fabric is a very specialist skill but the payoff is that you get long lasting branding and do not have to use additional plastic.  It also looks sick!



We will donating £2 from each of our suits to Level Water - a charity doing amazing things providing swimming lessons for children with disabilities.

Here's a few words from their Funding Manager:

"Here at Level Water, we provide bespoke, 1-1 swimming lessons for children with disabilities. Our goal is to kickstart a love of swimming in children, beginning with that first splash in the pool leading to a lifetime passion for getting out there, keeping active and realising potential. We're thrilled that Coots London have chosen to support us with the first of what is a fantastic line of sustainable swimwear."

Not only are they doing vital work they have a like minded team and we are well excited to work with them!


COOTS suits are designed and constructed to be long lasting but when it does eventually reach the end of its life, we encourage you to send them back to us and we will find a way to recycle your beloved suit.

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