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Inspired by the sturgeon fish that wrap around the lampposts found on the banks of the River Thames.

First introduced in 1870, the lamps are said to be inspired by dolphin sculptures on the Fontana del Nettuno in Rome which lead to them being misleadingly known as 'Dolphin lamps'.  

Sturgeons have been getting their swim on since the Middle Jurassic period, over 160 million years ago and due to being so well evolved have changed very little since then.  Found in our rivers and coastal waters these guys can grow up to 6m long and have been known to live for over 100 years.  A true long distance swimmer, they can migrate over 3,000km to spawn.  Tragically due to dams and poaching,  all of the surviving sturgeon species are now at risk of extinction.

Our suits take inspiration from the black cast-iron of the Thames lamps, incorporating the distinctive curve of the Sturgeons nose and body.  The contrast panel represents the fish’s lighter underbelly with the contrast top-stitch a nod to their unique markings.


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